Civic Engagement Alliance

Travis County Voter Registration, together with the League of Women Voters Austin Area (LWV‐AA), is proud to announce our Civic Engagement Alliance program. Together, we are partnering with companies and organizations in Austin to increase civic participation in our government by making it convenient for every eligible citizen to register to vote and to easily obtain election information.

What we offer: Once an organization joins the Civic Engagement Alliance, we provide voter registration applications and an application display box to be placed at an appropriate location within their facility(s). The registration forms may be filled out by eligible voters and returned to the Travis County Voter Registrar (postage is free). The objective is to make it easy for staff and customers to pick up a registration application, complete and sign it, and drop in the mail (it is postage paid). We also include contact information for staff to request additional supplies, ask questions, or request help with election or registration information.

The League of Women Voters also helps organizations hold events onsite to register voters. We can provide Volunteer Deputy Registrars (VDRs) at events, or we can assist in certifying staff members as VDRs. We also provide League of Women Voters voter education materials such as the Voters Guide, as available.

And finally, we will Celebrate our Alliance! At the end of even-numbered years, we will host a celebration acknowledging the Alliance member’s dedication and support of civic engagement.

For more information, please contact the League of Women Voters Austin Area:

JoAnn McKenzie
Co‐Chair, Register & Vote
512‐633‐9688 (cell)

Mollie Snow
Co‐Chair Register & Vote 
512‐689‐4042 (cell)


Matt Flores Jr.
VR Outreach & Training Coordinator
Travis County Tax Office, Voter Registration Division
Direct: (512) 854‐3976