Board Members


Front row; Dixie Davis, Debbi Voss, Gina McCool, Brenda Koegler, Cindy Schaufenbuel, Back row; Hal Jennings, Joyce LeBombard, Gwen Santiago, Cinde Weatherby, Frances McIntyre, Lea Masiello

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Board and officers

Elected Officers:

President Cinde Weatherby  president
1st Vice-President (Program) Lea Masiello  vp-programs
2nd Vice-President (Community Relations) Mary Jane Burson  
3rd Vice-President (Organization) Debbi Voss  
4th Vice-President (Voters Service) Joyce LeBombard  vp-votersservice
Secretary Gina McCool  secretary
Treasurer Gwen Santiago  treasurer


Voter Registration JoAnn McKenzie  voterregistration
Membership Brenda Koegler  membership
VOTER Editor Chrissy Nanton  thevoter
Advocacy Frances McIntyre  advocacy
Development Melissa Crijns  development
Communications Cindy Schaufenbuel  communications
Program Director Mary Cullinane  programs

Off-Board Chairs:

  • Voters Guide Editor | Frances McIntyre | votersguide
  • Budget Chair | Michelle Goerdel
  • Bylaws Chair | Carol Olewin
  • Special Events Co-Chair | Elizabeth Cooper | socdinner
  • Special Events Co-Chair | Angela Koegler | socdinner
  • Workbook, Editor | Jaci Collins
  • Candidate Forum Chair | Carol Eckelkamp
  • Nominating Committee Chair | Charlotte Slack
  • Roster Manager | Brenda Koegler
  • Capitol Corps Coordinator | Jane McFarland
  • Webmaster | Hal Jennings | webmaster
  • Assistant Webmaster | Dixie Davis