Board Members


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Board and officers

Elected Officers:

President Cinde Weatherby  president
1st Vice-President (Program) Lea Masiello  vp-programs
2nd Vice-President (Community Relations) vacant  
3rd Vice-President (Organization) Jaci Collins  
4th Vice-President (Voters Service) Joyce LeBombard  vp-votersservice
Secretary vacant  
Treasurer Gwen Santiago  treasurer


Voter Engagement Services JoAnn McKenzie  voterregistration
Membership Judy Parken & Brenda Koegler  membership
VOTER Editor Donna Pauler  thevoter
Advocacy Frances McIntyre  advocacy
Development Sara Groff  development
Communications Charlotte Slack  communications

Off-Board Chairs:

  • Voters Guide Editor | Frances McIntyre | votersguide
  • Social Media Chair | Cindy Schaufenbuel
  • Speakers Bureau Chair | Carol Olewin
  • Budget Chair | Tom Canby
  • Audit Chair | Carol Olewin
  • Bylaws Chair | Maxine Barkan
  • Special Events Chair | Elizabeth Cooper | socdinner
  • Workbook, Editor | Jaci Collins
  • Nominating Committee Chair | Margit Orange
  • Roster Manager | Brenda Koegler
  • Capitol Corps Coordinator | Jane McFarland
  • Webmaster | Hal Jennings | webmaster