Voters Guides for November election now available

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Voters Guides for the November election in both English and Spanish are available on the Voters Guide web page.

Early voting starts October 19 and ends October 30. Election day is November 3.

The majority of the items on the ballot are state-wide constitutional amendments. The Voters Guide explains these proposals in plain language and provides a pro and con discussion of each amendment.

There is one bond election item for Travis County. A separate file on the same web page given above explains that bond proposal.

Roadmap to Citizen Redistricting

Roadmap to Citizen RedistrictingIn 2013, Austin went through an unprecedented city council redistricting process. A diverse 14-member commission was selected to divide the city into ten districts that would be balanced and yet allow for representation and inclusion of Austin’s various ethnic and social groups. The commission was widely praised as having reached a timely and fair conclusion. This is the story of that effort.

Written by four members of the commission, this report recounts the process they followed and gives recommendations for the future. It is detailed, yet readable.

“This document will be an invaluable tool for Independent Citizens Redistricting Commissions in Austin and other cities nationwide. As a nation, we have too few successes in democracy. The process in Austin was a great success. It demonstrated that there is a great untapped reservoir of talent among our citizens and showed one way in which that talent can be realized. It is a model for all cities. Redistricting need not be a quintessentially political process.”

Roadmap to Citizen Redistricting Report