Our Position on AISD Bond Proposition

The League of Women Voters Austin Area encourages you to vote FOR the Austin Independent School District Bond Proposition.

Early voting is Monday, October 23rd to Friday, November 3rd. Election Day is Tuesday, November 7, 2017. You may vote at any polling place in the County. Look for the “Vote Here” signs.

The League has long supported Austin AISD in its efforts to provide a strong education through goals at all grade levels.

Bonding is the cornerstone of school district financing for capital expenses — new schools, for example — as opposed to the day-to-day costs of items such as salaries. Under state law, a district must seek voter approval to issue bonds. With approval, it can sell the bonds on a timetable of its choosing and pay them off with tax money. That spreads the cost for infrastructure over time, rather than taxpayers facing a massive upfront rate hike every time a district needs a new campus.

This bond is more than $1 billion ($1,050,984,000). AISD has called for a comprehensive 25-year facilities master plan that aims to modernize the district and all its campuses. With many aged school buildings and the long overdue maintenance of most, this bond money alone will not cover the 25 year-plan. But the League believes this will be a very good start to the district’s 21st Century plans. There will be no tax rate increase and all the money raised through bonds remains in AISD.

We trust that AISD will focus on the problems associated with diversity in our schools. The League supports equality of opportunity in education. AISD should have as its goal to meet, if not exceed, the state and federal accountability standards for achievement, attendance, dropout rates and completion rates in each school in the district, and to reduce the disparity in performance among schools.