LWV-AA CodeNEXT Recommendations

Action Alert: CodeNEXT

LWV-AA hosts an expert panel on CodeNEXT and affordability on June 4, 2017

Members of the League of Women Voters Austin Area have attended meetings on the proposed City of Austin CodeNEXT land development code in all ten Austin council districts. LWV-AA also hosted a public forum with experts on land development and housing affordability, to give us insight into these crucial issues in Austin. 

After careful review of the proposed code and consideration of the public input, the League offers these comments and suggestions to specific parts of the code. They conform to these principles of the League:

  • An open and transparent system of governance; 
  • More public participation in the land development process;  
  • Adequate opportunity for the public to weigh in on decisions; 
  • Opportunity for decision makers to receive more public input to carefully weigh the issues before them.

View LWV-AA’s CodeNEXT Draft #2 Recommendations, October 2017 (PDF)

View LWV-AA’s previous CodeNEXT Draft #1 Recommendations, June 2017 (PDF)

If you agree with these recommendations, please contact your City Council Member and request they support the League’s suggested comments. If you don’t know which council district you live in, click here for details.