Handy Dandy Guide to Voting Now Available

So much information all in one place! This one-page document answers many questions about voting in the November election and refers you to other on-line resources for more details.

Click here to see it in English and Spanish and to download a .pdf document to distribute and print.

Handy Dandy Guide to voting in November election in Texas English

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New Texas Voter ID Rules

every_vote_countsOn August 10, 2016, US District Court Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos of Corpus Christi issued an order prescribing what Texas voters need to bring to the polls when they vote in person. The new procedures remain in effect until further Court notice.

New Procedures for Voting in Person

All citizens wishing to vote must still be on the official list of registered voters. For the November 8th election, the deadline to register is October 11th.

See the details about the new Teaxs voter ID rules here.

Candidate Forums & Video Replays

LWV Forums-1001Austin City Council Candidate Forums have already begun. You can see the schedule for future events and view the video replay and read the Austin American-Statesman coverage for the past events here.

Austin Community College (ACC) will have a single Candidate Forum for the twelve candidates running for all four Places on their board of trustees on September 29. Details of the event and video replays are here.

Voter Registration and Voter Turnout PSA Contest

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Vote for Your Favorite!

All the entries are in and what a fantastic group of videos we have. All 24 of the entries will be judged and ranked in categories by professionals, but you can vote for your favorite for the People’s Choice Award.

Click here to watch all the videos and vote for your favorite before end of day September 28. The videos are only 15, 30, and 60 seconds each, so it doesn’t take long to watch them all. You’ll enjoy seeing the talent and expertise exhibited by these young videographers.

And congratulations to everyone who invested their time and skills to enter the contest!